Seamless Integration

Our ARINC 429 interface allows seamless connection of real aircraft parts to your flight simulator. Using the point-and-click Cereal Bytes Interface, OEM parts such as radio communication panels, transponders and more can be connected to Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX), Prepar3d (P3D) or X-Plane in a matter of minutes*. With the optional wireless adapter, this can even be done wirelessly!

*Assumes you have access to the ARINC data definitions. We can help if you don't.

Technical Specs

  • 4 ARINC Inputs (High or Low speed)
  • 2 ARINC Outputs (1 HS and 1 LS)
  • Proprietary point-and-click configuration interface
  • 32-bit microprocessor @ 120 Mhz
  • Graphical ARINC Message Builder Interface (GAMBI)
  • Ethernet (UDP) Output
  • Screw terminals for all I/O
  • Small Footprint
  • Standoffs (optional)
  • ARINC Impedance (Output: 37.5 ohm Input: 35 Kohm)
  • Dimensions: 3.817 in (96.95mm) x 1.865 in (47.36mm)
  • Optional Wireless Adapter
  • Manufactured and assembled in the USA

I/O Breakout Board

This board contains an 8-port Ethernet jack, which breaks out the pins to 8 corresponding rows of screw connectors. This makes it easy to break out ARINC, discrete, and analog inputs on your remote and/or OEM modules, giving them plug-n-play convenience. This also provides very convenient access to pins that need to cross-talks between modules.


The Cereal Bytes ARINC 429 Interface is finalizing development. To receive product development and availability updates, please contact us at and we will add you to the distribution.